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Internet of Things with Casting



Takaoka Seisakusho will introduce its own production control system in 2019 as the first step toward the realization of a smart factory.

From a tablet PC installed at each work site with an internet environment set up throughout the factory

By managing daily reports, we are promoting the saving of data and the visualization of factories.

Six effects

- Utilisation examples  -

Molding Process

After molding, various information is recorded for each product so that the record can be quickly tracked when a defect occurs.

In addition, monitor is linked to the tablet PC and when the products is changed to the next products, “work standard” and “high defect rate products” are automatically displaying for raise awareness to prevent the occurrence of defects.

Shot Blast

Product acceptance

Fettling process


Inspection process

In the inspection process, various information are automatically displayed  such as “work standard”, “number of orders”, and “shipping conditions” at the start of work

Work time is automatically registered by scanning the barcode on the identification tags at the start and end of work in order to eliminate the trouble of inputting even a little. In inventory management, the inventory address and the current inventory quantity are displayed, and the inventory quantity can be adjusted at the time of daily report inputting.



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