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Product list


Grey iron casting

The function of graphite cuts continuity as a metal organization, making this a superior material for machinability and processability. It is used for beds and tables for machine tools, cylinder liners for diesel engines, casings, crankcases, and oil pressure machines for its high vibration absorbency and strength against thermal shock.

Gray cast iron is a material that is classified as an ordinary cast iron among cast iron products. While it offers superb castability, it is considered to be weak and brittle compared to other types of cast iron.

Compacted Vermicular
iron castings

Compacted(vermicular) Graphite Iron Castings have excellent characteristics of both Ferrum Casting and Ferrum Casting Ductile as they are in a vermicular state that is intermediate between the two. They offer higher mechanical properties than gray cast iron and greater thermal conductivity than spheroidal graphite.

There are increasing applications for automobile parts such as brake parts which require durability against noise and vibrations by leveraging the greater damping capacity compared to diesel engine blocks or cylinder heads that require high rates of internal cylindrical pressure or spheroidal graphite cast iron.

Spheroidal Graphite
iron castings

While the graphite contained in gray iron castings consist of a schistose structure, here the graphite itself is orbicular. Because the crystallized graphite is spherical, it is slippery and abrasion resistance is greater.

This is considered for use when greater abrasion resistance is required than gray cast iron or when better mechanical properties are needed. The scope of use is broad, for example in leveraging its corrosion resistance due to the characteristically slow progress of corrosion due to the non-continuous layers of graphite.

High silicon ductile iron

High silicon ductile iron is 4.0% Si-0.6% Mo ferritic heat-resistant spheroidal graphite cast iron. It is mainly applied to the parts of the turbocharger (supercharger).
Parts of the turbocharger are required to have excellent heat and wear resistance because they are exposed to high temperature exhaust gas and sliding with other parts.
The exhaust gas temperature is approximately 800 ℃.



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